Workshop participants in Kia Village                                                                Group work session at the workshop in Buala

Meeting with Provincial Premier and PS in Buala                                           Workshop participants in Buala

REDD+ Solomon Islands, a Programme led by the Ministry of Forestry and Research (MoFR) has reached out to Isabel province, raising awareness and informing the rural communities of the initiative.

The Provincial Premier of Isabel and provincial staff, Chiefs and Elders, Church representatives including the private sector were informed and consulted on REDD+ through the awareness program. Rural communities and people of Kia are also fortunate to be informed of the progress and roles as stakeholders during REDD+ preparation at the national, provincial and community level.

The awareness raising campaign is a joint, cross-sectoral effort by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry & Research, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM), and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, with support from the regional SPC/GIZ Program REDD+ II.

MoFR Deputy Commissioner of Forest, Terrence Titiulu emphasised the status of forests in the country and the trend of overharvesting that may soon not be able to sustain the country’s important forest sector revenue , which is  a grave concern. “This is one of the reasons why we urgently need to  find alternatives and REDD+ is one promising  option for the forest sector the government is looking into."

According to MoFR Permanent Secretary Mr. Vaeno Vigulu, REDD+ is a new programme and a recommended measure for mitigation and adaptation to climate change which needs to be tested to fit  our local setup and our country’s particular circumstances: “The implementation will take time as resource owners will have to be well aware of the disadvantages and the advantages so that they can make an informed decision.

“REDD+ means that forests will be rehabilitated, and some areas protected, and unsustainable activities will be discontinued to allow for the carbon sequestration to take place and reduce our carbon emission to the atmosphere.”

In this context, awareness raising is very important to create the basis for kicking  off and  relaying REDD+ information to the general rural populace as key to getting this initiative going.

MoFR Press